Home History

Home History

We asked the current homeowners some questions about  1031 Steamboat Blvd.

Here is what they had to say.

Who designed your home?

Our home was designed by an architect hired by the original homeowners, Paul & Linda Williams.

What is the history of your home?

We purchased the home in November 2005. We immediately took the existing kitchen down to studs, creating the exquisite custom gourmet kitchen. One-third of the lower level living space had never been finished, and we took advantage of this area to build a fitness center. We also added custom cabinetry in the first floor office. In 2008, we completed the construction of the Stübli, crafted after a bar in the Post Hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. We have added texturized plaster to nearly every room in the house. Our most recent project was to completely revamp the master bathroom.

Image of Large Deck
Deck to take-in the views

What do you love about it?

We love the placement of the home on the lot which gives the impression of not having any neighbors. We love the views from the deck, both the sunset to the left and the notch of Fish Creek Falls to the right. We love the coziness of the sitting room whether enjoying a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper, reading a book in front of a crackling fire, or toasting with a glass of wine. The views out back are beautiful during all seasons.



Why did you buy it or build it?

We bought the home because we had been living in a condo for the first year we moved to Steamboat, and didn’t want to wait the approximately two years it would have taken to build a new home. We were enamored with the architecture and layout of the home, as well as the location and landscaping.

What will you miss about it?

We will miss the springtime roar of Fish Creek Falls as it hurdles down to empty into the Yampa River. We will miss the sauntering moose, elk herds, and bears strolling through our backyard. We will miss the quaintness of the gathering rooms throughout the house, each offering its own view and comforting atmosphere.

What will you remember?

We will remember the rustling of the aspen leaves in the spring and summer, the colorful changing of leaves on the golf course in the autumn, and the serene calm of the snowy days as we peered out over the cross-country ski track. We will remember congregating in the Stübli, early morning workouts in the fitness room, and cooking in the kitchen. We will remember riding our bikes up and out of the driveway, rolling down Steamboat Boulevard, and even riding back up Steamboat Boulevard at the end of a trip.

Where is the best window?

First floor study - 1031 Steamboat Blvd
First floor study

The best window is in the first floor study. Lying on the window seat, with the window open in the spring and the summer is a great place for a nap. In the winter, this is a lovely spot to read a book.

What is the most beautiful thing about your home?

The most beautiful thing about our home is the love and happiness that has been experienced in it and given to it. The Williams family before us generated a loving environment, and we embraced and carried on with the same nurturing intent.

Which room is your favorite?

While the kitchen and sitting room are a very close second, we love the Stübli. A Stübli is a swiss bar meant to be a place where locals congregate. Whether enjoyed by our family of three, or with several friends, or a St. Patrick’s Day party of 100, we have created numerous memories in this comfortable room.

1031 Steamboat Blvd
Stübli – A Swiss bar meant to be a place where locals congregate.


What little details do you treasure?

We treasure the custom cabinetry, and the floor plan that beckons one to explore nooks and crannies. We remember when we first walked through the house and were surprised that we kept discovering new rooms! The house while relatively large, manages to feel intimate, and invites one to come in, sit down, and stay a while.

What momentous things have happened to you under this roof?

We celebrated the birthdays of our daughter from 9 years of age until she recently moved to Denver. We celebrated our 20th, 25th & 30th wedding anniversaries, and we hosted our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in a glorious catered affair. We have celebrated Christmas and St.Patrick’s Day with large parties of friends and family. We have made many of our most cherished memories in the home. When reflecting on our years at 1031 Steamboat Boulevard, we will recollect the charisma of the home and the joy of gathering with those nearest and dearest to us.

Why is this a good place to live?

This home is a good place to live for both active families/couples and people who cherish quiet and serenity. We are literally minutes away from the slopes, and the links of Rollingstone Golf Course, yet secluded in the Sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Additionally, the grocery store and medical offices are merely minutes away, the bus stop for the school is right above the house, and downtown Steamboat is easily accessible via Steamboat Boulevard/ Fish Creek Falls Road, avoiding the traffic on Lincoln Avenue. Truly, a perfect stop nestled between the mountain and the downtown.

1031 Steamboat Blvd